Internet Art Slot Machine is an experimental curatorial project. It comments on the amalgamation of audiovisual information we get from Internet browsing.

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it can be hard to collect your thoughts in one place to from full sentences with wholesome thoughts with meaning.

It can be hard to find meaning in someone else's words.

Tears can be cooled.
Tears can be eaten.
Tears can be fake.
Tears can influence vision.
Tears finally can be a life song.

A tear machine that pushes out small amounts of liquid (tears) based on the facial expressions in the movie. The main technique that has been used was Machine Learning.

Based on the artist's own "normal" or "cry" labeled images, if the current frame of the actress' facial expression in the video is classified as "cry", it will trigger the head drops "Tears".

How to submit:

1. Feel free to submit to any or all categories: Sound Clip, Video,Text.

2. You are welcome to submit more than one work for each category for us to choose from, but we will show only one work by you under each slot.

3. All submissions are due to

4. Category Details:

  • Sound Clip:
    • Duration: Less than 5 minutes.
    • Format: Please provide us with a Youtube link of your sound work. You can unlist your file to make it not being public.
    • Content: You are welcome to submit independent sound projects or the soundtrack from any of your video pieces. However, try not to submit separately the visual and sound portion of the same video. The idea of this project is to pair moving image arbitrarily with other sound and vice versa; if a user happens to get the combination that shows your full video (image and sound), it just seems less interesting.
  • Video:
    • Duration: Less than 5 minutes.
    • Format: Please provide us with a Youtube link of your video work. You can unlist them but please don’t password-protect them.
    • Content: Please only submit works you think will be interesting shown in SILENCE; if you want to submit a silenced piece that originally relies heavily on sound/conversation (say, a talk show) to provoke frustration, that will work too. But just know that it will be shown with some other sound.
  • Text:
    • Length: Less than 200 words.
    • Format: Text.
    • Content: It can be prose, conversation, story, artwork description, etc.; long poems within the word count might not work due to space restriction). Original text is preferred unless otherwise intended. Any unconventional layout that takes up a lot more space will be ignore due to space restriction.